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Thread: Re-circulation Explained

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    Is there a type of valve you can use to set your back pressure? In a recirculation setup I need to throttle back the pressure as sap % builds. I have a 4x40 with procon pump and 1 hp feed pump. I'd like to just set the pressure to 225 and check it like every hour. Of course I'd prefer foodgrade or at least for potable water.
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    2016 7 taps= 1-2 gallons of syrup
    2017 135 taps on bags/buckets =17 gallons syrup on block arch
    2018 75 taps on bags/buckets in new locations =50 gallons syrup (2 month season) on insulated barrel stove with auf and hobby r.o.
    2019 less taps on different ground for 1 month season. 20 gallons. Added 4x40 RO membrane and never finished 2x4 cooker.

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