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Thread: what to use for the top of my chimney for a cap

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    Default what to use for the top of my chimney for a cap

    After getting recommendations on single/double wall chimney I have decided to go with double wall insulated stainless from the ceiling out through the roof of the new sugar shack I am building. My next question is what should I use for a top on it to keep the weather out. my chimney will be 8" ID and 10" OD and my evaporator does have AUF so I do have forced draft. I see various tops from the different chimney suppliers for wood stove applications and I see the traditional maple application tops that open and completely close with a rope pull system. Both types have similar costs. Thoughts on which is best?
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    I like my flip style I got from leader. I used 1/8” stainless cable. Nylon rope will only take the sun for so long.
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    I had a similar question a few months back. I have a woodstove type cap and I was concerned that it was causing draft restriction. I was getting some smoke blowing out the cracks of the arch from the blower. I think that woodstove caps aren't designed for the amount of draft that an arch with a blower can produce. Their openings are restricted to keep out birds and such during the off season.
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    I have a pretty high tech system... An empty 5 gallon pail. Install and Remove once per year.

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    We have the flip top cap for our smoke stack. We open it before first fire and close after last fire each day. Once the season is done we take the stack down and cover the roof jack with a plastic garbage can that happens to be a perfect fit!
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    I currently have a woodstove cap on mine that came with the class A 8-inch ID through the ceiling kit. It keeps most of the weather out, but think I still get rain down when it is windy as well. Keep getting starlings in the chimney. For these reasons, I'm thinking of investing in a flip cap but that is lower on the priority list.

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