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Thread: Washing Orlon bags.

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    Default Washing Orlon bags.

    Do you put the inside out for washing and then reverse them again after washing? Or does that constitute twisting and become harmful for the bag? I usually wash after every 5-10 gallon filtering.
    Also seam in or out when filtering. I washed my Orlon so much I lost track of my flips? lol
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    LOL, I always had the seam out away from the sugarsand. I flipped them inside out all the time too. Used as much pressure from spray hose as possible with very hot water. Gentle squezze when done to remove most of the water.
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    I have a wool and orlon and I rinse outside first, then put inside out and use kitchen sprayer to remove most off before spraying from inside out. I wear cloth lined vynal gloves from a farm store to spray inside out. Once the bottom get cleaned and warm, the bottom will then push out. You now can get it cleaned good. After niter filtering I get a large pot of water or permeate to a boil and soak it for a few minutes to soften niter and It is removed. Now it looks almost new.
    I turn inside out, I let them drain bottom up and most of the water will drain quickly. Over night it will dry.
    I just only filter 1 1/2 gallon at a time because any more is too heavy for me to pour into my filter, I can get a second batch though before cleaning or set orlon filter.
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    I rinse them off inside and out with the kitchen sprayer, then lay them in the bottom of the sink and cover with an inch of water, and swish / agitate by hand. Lift them to let the water run out and drain the sink. Rinse again, plug the sink and repeat the whole process about 8x until the water in the sink stays clear. I stand bottom up for a bit to get most of the water out, then (carry them dripping all over the floor over to the laundry room and) hang them above our laundry tub to drip and dry.
    I never bother to turn them inside out. The soaking seems to get the nitre out of the insides just as well
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