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Thread: Alternate uses for Sugar shack?

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    Oct 2014
    Mansfield, Connecticut


    I have toyed with the idea that the future sugar shack could double as a steam room.
    2015: 17 taps, 2 gallons
    2016: 35 taps, 3.6 gallons
    2017: 60 taps, 2.7 gallons
    2018: 56 taps, 4.7 gallons

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    Aug 2004
    Middlesex Vermont


    Mine is 12x16 and after season I put evaporator onto heavy duty casters and move it to run along back wall. I store my ranger suv plus shovels and other tools until it’s sugaring time again!
    110 taps W.F Mason 2x3 and two turkey friers for finishing

    2011 expanding to a Mason 2x4 with a blower increasing taps to about 200
    2011 Hurricane Irene rips thru my small sugar bush cost me to lose 20% of taps
    2014 I have reworked my lines for 2014
    32 taps on 5/16 line with check valves
    57 taps on 3/16 line with check valves
    55 buckets with total tapped trees of 144

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    Nov 2008
    Howell, mi


    Our shack is Maple
    Only Maple
    and Nothing but Maple
    so help me sap.
    42.67N 84.02W

    350 taps- 300 on vacuum, 50 buckets
    JD gator 625i Sap hauler w/65 gal tank
    Leader 2X6 drop flue

    Homemade auto draw-off
    Homemade preheater
    Homebrew RO, 2- xle-4040's
    LaPierre double vertical releaser
    Kinney KC-8 vacuum pump

    12X24 shack
    Lots of chickens and a few cats.

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