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Thread: Sugaring supplies at Taylor's Falls: Don's Sugar Shack

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    Default Sugaring supplies at Taylor's Falls: Don's Sugar Shack

    Picked up a bunch supplies there on Friday. Don is a great guy with fair prices, and buying there saved me a lot of driving or shipping costs. He's a CDL/Roth's dealer and can get just about anything in the Roth's catalog.

    No relation to the business, just thought some folks might be interested. http://tfmaple.com/

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    Don's a great dude to do business with!
    Second generation sap rat.

    Started taking over in 2012
    2012-2016: 300 buckets 120 on gravity tubing. Waterloo 2x10 wood fired. Averaged 105 gallons per season.
    2017: hoping for 300 on 3/16 with Shurflo and 50 buckets. New used 4x14 Algier wood fired cooker. 180 gallons of syrup

    2018: 300 on vacuum 2 buckets, finally got a splitter!

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