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Thread: R-65 burner

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    Default R-65 burner

    I've got a R-65 burner that I am trying to boil down my sap on. It's been on there for 3 1/2 hours at about 1 1/2" deep and has not boiled at all ... a little steam and that's it. The regulator is turned all the way up ... new tank ... ugh!! And my sap started at 6% this morning. I was sooo excited and now I'm sooo frustrated! Does anyone out there have a clue as to what might be wrong?

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    If you have it turned all the way up, the propane can come out so fast it freezes up the nozzle a bit and restricts the heat output. The way to make it hotter (believe it or not) is to throttle it down a little. Sheltering the burner/pot from the wind with something will help a good deal as well.
    Dr. Tim Perkins
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrTimPerkins View Post
    The way to make it hotter (believe it or not) is to throttle it down a little.
    This is a great tip, and one that I haven't seen before. This is my second year using propane and I've always had the tank all the way open. I've not had any issues with getting a rolling boil, however, I've also burned through about 3/4 tank each time. Today, for my 3rd boil, I only opened the tank about halfway, still had a great rolling boil, and definitely went through less propane. Thanks Dr. Tim!

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