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Thread: "Exploding" logs on the log splitter

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    Default "Exploding" logs on the log splitter

    I thought I would share a video I did with my son having fun with some logs on our manual log splitter. I like to use it in the sugar house for logs that I want to make smaller so they burn better. Some times the pressure builds up and the log splits explosively:


    We always know it's going to be a good one if it takes a few cranks after it gets tight and then "BAM"...
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    That is why my legs look like I've been in some sort of Muay Thai kickboxing match after we split our wood for the season! When they don't start to slowly split you get out of the way quickly!
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    I would try to put a sharper edge on the wedge. I spit a lot of wood and they rarely pop out of the splitter like that.

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    I have had that happen but when it does its because I am a little low on Hydralic Fluid. Top it off and problem goes away.
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    When one pops it appears to be curved and I wonder if that might create the "explosion".
    Mine did that once last November as I was splitting more wood that had been down 2 years. I use a "Super Split" (rack and pinion with 150# flywheel) I had one fly apart so hard I got hit at the base of my thumbnail, That damaged spot is slowly growing towards to end of my nail, 5 months later. The Super Split has about a 1 second cycle time. I think it shot out because the wood was frozen.
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    Every piece of Bitternut Hickory explodes. We usually use the maul for those. Its like cracking ice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapper2 View Post
    Every piece of Bitternut Hickory explodes. We usually use the maul for those. Its like cracking ice.
    One guy came to work looking like he got into a bar fight. He was splitting hickory and it hit him in the face..............ouch! Jay
    Zucker Lager

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