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Thread: Sap Gathering Basics - a quick guide for beginners

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    Default Sap Gathering Basics - a quick guide for beginners

    Please check out our informative video on sap gathering basics:


    You can also view additional videos and interesting posts about maple syrup on our blog:


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    I visited your site and thought that flushing out the spile hole with warm water to be a pretty good idea. Usually I just back the drill bit out slowly so it brings most of the shavings with it, but next season will try the squirt bottle/warm water method :-)
    Been tapping since 2008, but mostly unexceptional til recent years.
    2015 - 18 taps/6 trees, 424l sap and 20.75l syrup
    2016 - 18 taps/6 trees..701l sap, 24l syrup
    2017 - 17 taps/6 trees...474l sap, 15.75l syrup
    2018 - 17 taps/7 trees...819l sap, approx 28l syrup
    2019 - 18 taps/8 trees...585l sap, 28l syrup...21:1 ratio
    2020 - 18 taps/8 trees...890.04l sap...gave some away, some snafu'd....23l total for me from more like 690l all told

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