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Thread: Sap Sack Plastic Smell

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    Default Sap Sack Plastic Smell

    Hi Everyone,

    I just started using CDL/Roth Sugar Bush blue sap bags this year. I noticed the bags have a noticeable plastic odor to them. Has anyone else noticed this and will it affect the final product? They are supposed to be FDA food grade. These are the bags: https://www.rothsugarbush.com/product/sap-bag/ Thank you!

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    I've never noticed a smell to the bags I have. It might be the ink printed on the bag if they are like the catalog page linked. I would just use them and not think to much into it.
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    I have 30 of them that im using and I didnt notice any odor at all. Im sure once you hang them on the trees, any resiudal odor will quickily disappear.
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