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Thread: How much of a boil to expect from a 2x4 Leader Supreme pan?

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    Default How much of a boil to expect from a 2x4 Leader Supreme pan?

    Went to help the young lad that I helped finance the new evaporator with his test boil of water today. While the micro flues in the middle seemed to boil pretty good,the two flat pan sides were not doing much. Maybe need to close off under the smokestack more,but donít want to choke the fire back so much it wonít draw. Have about 2-2.5 ď under the stack of clearance now
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    Sap boils differently than water. Try it with sap before you change anything.

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    I have same PAN. the CENTER boils violently but draw off side should boil well. I had issue with the violent boil causing back wash from draw off side into CENTER so I bought partition from leader that allows me to narrow the openings to prevent backwash.
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