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Thread: 2019 Season was great for us

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    Default 2019 Season was great for us

    2019 was our second Maple Syrup making season at Two Oaks Farms in northern Sainte Genevieve County. We had 74 taps on 3/16 tubing consolidated into two 275 IBC totes started on 1/3/19 for test taps with the main tapping on 1/26/19 and ended collections on 3/10/19. We collected 1008 gallons of sap which yielded 15.4 gallons of syrup for an average ratio of 65.5:1. We learned many new things and met more incredible people along the way this year. We had a great time hosting training days and getting more people connected with a great hobby and the outdoors. New to our operation this year was 3/16 gravity fed tubing on a small production scale, 275 gal tote collection tanks, 2X4 evaporator arch with blower, a reverse osmosis machine, shed to work in, better Orlon and grease filters and techniques, a water boiler for bottling, 20 quart stainless steel pot for finishing on an electric stove, and a teaching sugar bush to show people how to use 3/16th tubing. We sold to friends and neighbors through word of mouth, Facebook, and a local food coop with a 12 oz bottle going for $15. With 5.6 gallons in the basement, I look forward to cooking with maple syrup throughout the next year. Next year, we are looking to double to 150 taps. Hope to see more of you guys and your posts in the coming year.

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    Congratulations on an epic season!

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