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Thread: My first Maple sugar

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    Default My first Maple sugar

    I took some of my last syrup that just din't match the flavor of my season's syrup and decided to make granulated sugar. My first stop was to search Maple trader on how to. It turned out great and I only ended up with about a half cup of course out of almost 5 pounds of sugar.

    A big thank you to all who have posted advice and "how too" threads and videos. People like Jake Moser who share their knowledge, there are many others, but I used Jake's video as a guide.

    Remember, when we're all bickering about some topic, just how great this site is! I would have never tried this without learning how to here.
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    Awesome! I plan on making a few pounds of it myself.

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    It's a fascinating process isn't it!! Made my first this past fall.
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    I agree this site has helped me and enabled me to get into even more maple trouble. Then someone would come along and bail me out!
    Glad the sugar turned out! Always puzzled as to why I don't get many large chunks?
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