Hi All,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that with the season soon upon us, I will not be responding to forum posts very often over the next few months, nor will I answer private messages, and will likely even ignore emails with general questions. If you have a real problem that you need help with, then email would be best, although I don't promise that I will respond to that.

I realize that during the intermittent sap flows and long periods by the evaporator boiling, maple producers come up with lots of good questions. Unfortunately, there are far more of you than there are of us, and when the sap isn't flowing we are often reconfiguring and recalibrating instruments and entering data we collected during sap flows. In short...we're both busy producing maple AND trying to collect as much data as we can during the season.

So my request is...please hold your questions until May if at all possible. If it isn't possible...you still may not get a timely answer.

As for visits...best not to try until after OUR season is over...mid-April at the earliest. We're just too busy to stop and chat.

Best of luck to all for the 2019 season. Sweet sap to all.

Dr. Tim
UVM Proctor Maple Research Center