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Thread: Cleaning a pan

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    Would bar keepers friend work? With a scotch brite pad.

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    I wrote in on the same issue several weeks ago and found a low boil with water and baking soda worked wonders. Literally lifted most of the black off as it boiled. It seemed to help pouring the baking soda directly on the black area as it warmed and boiled. I had previously used vinegar and soft scrubbers, a Teflon spatula. I never tried the copper pipe which many had mentioned. My pan is now all clean. Sounds easier than sand blasting??
    Still a newbie after 3 seasons.
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    2018: 80 taps with 3 new neighbors on tubing. New 10x12 sugar shack, Lapierre Jr 2x5 evaporator. Made 17 gallons, Sold around 5 gallons of syrup.
    2019: 100 taps, 60 tapped on Feb 21. Added a small RO.

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    Barkeepers Friend with scotchbrite pad will scratch pan.

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    2018: 180 taps: Added Shurflo to 50 - 3/16", Auto fill sensor to head tank
    2019: No tapping
    2020: ?

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    I have not seen it yet, but my friend says he got it clean. After getting some with a copper scraper he made from a piece of copper tubing I left for him to try, I triede something I would not have dared. He had a somewhat cone shaped flap disk that was 180 grit. He put it on a drill motor and gently ran it over the black. He says it came clean and he detected no scratching. He boiled 2000 gal of sap on it yesterday and he said it was the lightest he has made in 5 years. His sugar % in the sap was 2.1%, also the best in at least 3 years. Crisis over, thanks for the ideas.
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