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Thread: Backyard Syrup Enthusiasts 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Will start putting the taps out this weekend and hope the heater banks melt most of my trees are road side with tubing into 5 gallon buckets
    Me too, although I swear to you we still have three feet of snow in the woods, if you can get there over our 5 foot snow banks.

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    [QUOTE=I will boil this week the 12 gallons i have, which at a brick 3 to 3.4 should give me strong quart.[/QUOTE]

    I can only dream of 3-3.4 sugar. The best I've had is 2.3. The first few years I didn't test. Typically was having 1.4-1.8. Nothing like boiling 60-80 gallons to get 1. Collected only 8 gallons so far, only had 3 taps in for the first 2 days.

    Put 11 taps in last weekend. May be adding a few more end of the week. I'm seeing our temps here starting Friday and they look good for the five days after.

    Decided to boil on 2 burner propane again this year, my son and I never got to building a new evaporator this year and he'd like to make some changes. Last year I used propane for the first time after shoulder surgery. There was definitely some appeal to being able to turn it off and go in for the night without all the fuss of wood.

    2019 - 6th year sugarin'. 2nd year using propane. 13 taps. Just over 3/4 gal syrup. Light in color and flavor.
    Intent to build a new barrel evaporator with my son this summer. Still don't weld. We'll see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrm View Post
    Last year I used propane for the first time after shoulder surgery. There was definitely some appeal to being able to turn it off and go in for the night without all the fuss of wood.
    I agree whole heartedly. Propane is certainly not cheap but being able to turn the burners off and walk away is worth the cost for this very small time hobbiest.
    2011 - 6 buckets
    Stove Top
    2012 - 15 buckets
    2013 - 19 buckets
    Camper cook stove with 3 high propane burners
    Custom made 42x14x7 maple pan with dividers
    2015 - New 12x16 Sugar Shack
    2015 - New Lapierre Propane Evaporator
    2016 - 28 buckets
    2017 - 30 buckets
    2019 - 32 buckets


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    We have alway's used propane, have a brother who delivers it so i get it a little cheaper than most. If i filled my 10 gallon pan right to the top, turned it down just a smidge, i could go to bed at 9 pm and be out there at 4:30 am it would have an inch left to boil. Once i accidently made candy, to close, so i went out at 3 am poured it off, started another batch and went back to bed!!!!

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    Going to put my 50 taps in Tuesday it's the latest I have ever tapped. Did propane for a few years now I have a small sugar shack and a 1/2 pint evaporator.

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    Interesting discussion on the use of propane. I can see the appeal for sure. My body isn't getting any younger. I use wood for several reasons, but mainly I just like working with wood. I have a lot of it around and since it is free and I enjoy working it up, it's my fuel of choice. It does commit you to starting early to wrap up by evening. I keep the "sap and crap" pile by the evaporator and put anything that will burn (solid wood, no plywood, etc) in the pile. Great place to get rid of goony shaped wood and pine!

    On the subject of effort versus weather i decided to take the now 15 gallons and store it till next week after the warm up and anticipated sap run. Other than time boiling it takes as much time to set up, clean pans, finish syrup, etc for 15 gallons as it does 50. I think my time is better spent finishing some indoor projects and add the 15 gallons next week. It's partially frozen so it will keep.

    A gentleman commented on the brix level i !measured. It usually starts out in the 3 range, but certainly doesn't stay that way all season. I will see that drop to 2 over a few week period.
    2x4 concrete block arch with three steam trays
    Separate warming stove/steam tray
    2016 12 taps, 3 gallons
    2018 15 taps, 7 gallons
    2019 38 taps, 13.6 gallons
    2020 40 taps, 13.7 gallons
    Mostly sugar maples, a few reds on 200 year old homestead

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    My partner and myself have been discussing switching to propane recently.
    It definitely has an appeal to us.
    Is there someone who makes a propane conversion kit for a leader half pint?
    2019 40 taps on buckets,20 on bags. RO bucket, 5 gallon so far
    2018 41taps on buckets, 3.25 gallons syrup, Lots of learning
    Leader half pint w/supreme pan
    Backyard weekend newbies

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    Since we left the farm and our 500 taps on vacuum...Ron taps our lawn trees. He got a propane fish fryer and it works good. He can have a wood fired set up,but he would be outside and not a good idea anymore. This way he can sit in his garage and use his Kindle while he boils
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    Set 24 taps today, only a few trees were dripping late afternoon But things are looking up for temps !
    Backyard Sugarin' since 1991
    Concrete block wood burner
    24 taps on gallon jugs
    2' x 2' x 6" SS pan
    5 gal. SS steamer pan for preheating
    89 Arctic Cat Panther sap hauler

    Making a few gallons syrup most years.
    Maple Baked Beans
    Maple Oat Sourdough Bread
    Maple Wine

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    Tapped about half of the 70-80 I plan to tap for the season this afternoon. A couple were dripping. Plan on getting the rest in tomorrow afternoon. Next week should be interesting!
    2019 99 taps on buckets (95 red & 4 sugar)
    W.F. Mason 2x4 XL

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