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Thread: UP tapping

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    Finished up my last boil this morning. An additional 3.5 gallons takes me to 21 gallons bottled with an additional 3 gallons boiled down to sugar. Best year ever by a pint. Pulled taps when they were still running good due to no wood left. This next year will be the he year that I finally get ahead on my wood supply. Bought a vacuum filter press this year and it was worth every penny. My blood pressure stayed at a manageable level while filtering. Till next year sap savages.
    2006 - 12 taps on open fire
    2011 - 50 taps new 2 x 4 flat pan + warmer
    2012 - 65 taps new 16 x 16 sugar shack
    2013- 75 taps and no more, well maybe 85 now
    2016-97 taps
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    The warm weather makes everyone get trigger happy but it looks like we will be waiting a couple weeks yet. Snow depth is going to be a battle again this year but for us at Sticky Bush it is a Journey not a race so we will just take our time and enjoy the woods with family and friends, no matter how hard it may be it’s not Work if you love what your doing.

    Everyday in the sugar bush with family and friends is a gift from god, have a great season my fellow sugar makers!
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    2013 - 48 taps and a home made arch / pan = 19 gallons
    2014 - 74 taps and counting, upgrades to Arch
    2015 - 98 taps and counting, NEW custom made Arch, 30hp New Holland tractor
    2016 - 0 taps :-( had to skip this year
    2017 - 100 taps and back in the game
    2018 - 145 taps, NEW Sugar Shack & family and friends to help.
    2019 - 170 taps, 30 gallons of Sticky Bush syrup
    2020 - planning on retailing some Sticky Bush

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