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Thread: Sap -N- School 2019 Year 8 MAINE

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    Default Sap -N- School 2019 Year 8 MAINE

    For 8 years now I have been tapping trees with my Kindergarten class. It such a great way to teach so many aspects of math and science. Keeping track of our sap collection totals vs syrup yield, liquid conversations, reading a thermometer, learning to chop wood, start a fire and knowing your food sources will be everyday conversations for the next few months.
    We produce about 15 gallons of syrup--all done using pails, buckets a Civil War Ammo cart and our sandbox boiling area.

    If you have any spare taps or pails or lids-please think of us. And enjoy sharing our process with. I update the photos pretty often.


    for detailed information please read http://bugsmudbooksandsticks.com/sap-n-school/ http://bugsmudbooksandsticks.com/sap-n-school/ http://bugsmudbooksandsticks.com/so-full-of-sap/

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