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Thread: Tapped in Durham

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    May 2009
    Cheshire, CT


    I noticed the same thing!

    41.457 x -72.907 148 elevation
    2x4 wood fired evaporator with the "Hercules Blower"
    hybrid pan by Smoky Lake
    80 taps. 44 on gravity
    All sugar Maples
    7" filter press
    10 x 12 sugar shack
    two very helpful kids
    a wife that thinks I'm nuts
    goats and chickens and a sugar dog named Willow

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    Dec 2013
    Somers, CT


    I took my refractomter to each bucket this afternoon, I saw the same thing. Some I had a few over 3... Tended to be higher in my galvanized buckets as opposed to plastic buckets. Not sure what that’s about.
    1990-2013 - 30+, 7/16, on milk jugs, 55gal drum firebox, 125 year old 10 gallon porcelain pot, outdoors yaknow.
    2014-2017 - 35+, 7/16, on 3 gal galv. buckets, New 2x3 Mason, New 10x12 sugar shack.
    2018- - 40+ 5/16 cdls, 3 gal cdl buckets on the mason in the shack, me, the dog, sometimes the girl.

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    Durham, CT


    Some taps are still pumping out the sap and some that were good producers seem to be closed. More moths are showing up and some sap is yellowing. I have enough paper pre filters for two more boils and enough containers for 4 more gallons. I'm guessing one more boil of sap and one more for finishing of the sweet in the pan. Fertilizer for the hay fields is coming next week, hay equipment needs to be worked on,
    and fence lines need to be cleaned up. It's been a great ride.
    2019 Mason 2x5 XL AUF, 5ft Phaneuf drop flue evaporator with float valve and 65 gallon head tank. 54 buckets & bags and counting. 12 on 5/16 tubing on gravity. 3 on 5/16 drop tubing in 5 gallon bucket.
    2018 getting back into it
    2014 - 2017 sitting out
    2013 45 taps Second Year!
    2x3 flat pan w/pre-heater - sold
    2x3 Hobby Evaporator with blower from W.F. Mason - sold
    5 horses 2 mini horses 1 mini donkey 3 sheep 2 dogs 2 cats

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