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Thread: Maple tree tolerance to saturated soils

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    Default Maple tree tolerance to saturated soils

    My sugar bush is approximately 4 acres on a steep southwest slope. Water drains into a swamp leading to a couple beaver ponds. Over the past two years, improvements to the roadside drainage has increased runoff through my sugarbush. In general it is channelized flow but does moderately muck up a small section (seasonally). I知 wondering the long term effects increased run-off could cause. Thoughts? Very minimal salt/sand, i知 More worried about the tree roots and stability in the wetter areas which makes up about 10% of the sugar bush.
    Thanks in advance
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    Sugar maples in general do not handle change well. Most of your roots are in the top 18" where moisture and oxygen are both present (soil type changes that to a degree). If it's intermittent they should be able to adapt as time goes on by allowing roots to establish where there is more oxygen. My greatest concern would be road salt. In my neck of the woods we never season sparingly but pour liberally. As an Arborist we remove many sugar maple that have had their roots played with by equipment but possibly just as many from salt damage.

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    I agree. Sugar maples seem to be so very sensitive to any changes in their environment, especially root compaction and flooding. If these are reds or silvers then I think you will be fine. If they are sugars then I am afraid they will deteriorate in health over the next 5 years.
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    I have a small parcel of sugar maples that floods every spring. It will stand 3" or 4" deep with spring melt and remain flooded for as long as two weeks. I used to worry about the trees, but I recognize that they planted themselves, and grow bigger every year. I have 45 taps in there and thy produce well.

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