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Thread: Historical Trends in Massachusetts

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    That's a nice jump in taps. I might tap one of two more trees. But, with my barrel evap hard to scale up too much since I batch boil. I'll be interested to hear how you like the 2x3 as you work with it this year. Happy tapping!

    2019 - 6th year sugarin'. 2nd year using propane. 13 taps. Just over 3/4 gal syrup. Light in color and flavor.
    Intent to build a new barrel evaporator with my son this summer. Still don't weld. We'll see how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biz View Post
    Here is when I have started tapping for the past 20+ years. Prior to 2015 I had all buckets so I tended to tap later in season. I have many more taps out now, and mostly tubing, so I can afford to start earlier than I used to. I can't say that I always tapped at the correct time, sometimes a bit too early, sometimes a bit late, but generally close. We are in central Mass at 1000' elevation on the shoulder of Mt Wachusett so the climate is more like western Mass.

    2019 Feb 23 (planned)
    2018 Feb 10, 14
    2017 Feb 18
    2016 Feb 19
    2015 Feb 28
    2014 Mar 8
    2013 Mar 3
    2012 Feb 28
    2011 Mar 5
    2010 Mar 5
    2009 Mar 7
    2008 Mar 2
    2007 Mar 3
    2006 Mar 8
    2005 Mar 16
    2004 Feb 29
    2003 Mar 15
    2002 Feb 24
    2001 Mar 11
    2000 Mar 3
    1999 Feb 14 (too early)
    1998 Feb 20
    1997 Mar 8

    I have records of tapping in Chesterfield (buckets only) going back to the 70's so if I get a chance to dig them out I will post them.

    That's a great collection of data Dave!!!! I have not tapped yet. Changed a few things around in the woods. I'll tap my 3/16" lines tomorrow night after work. May not tap along Page Brook for a few weeks. Those trees always flow late season.
    1st Year Turkey Fryer Guru-10 taps and No Clue
    2nd Year Warming Pans on a Barrel Unit-25 taps Still No Clue
    3rd Year 2 X 3 Divided Pan on a NEW Homemade Barrel Unit-45 taps Starting To Learn
    4th year (2017) Mason 2 X 3 Inside Small Shack-85 Taps I Think I'm Addicted!!

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    In central MA (Harvard), Iím thinking about riding the wave starting this week Thursday with 4 consecutive days in the 40s and cold nights, but after that the forecast turns cold again for the next week so Iím not sure. Sap may run those colder days but not as much. Might be better to wait. I could use more time to get ready so I wonít mind another week or two delay.

    Still a newbie after 3 seasons.
    2016: 20 taps on buckets, 4 gallons made on a borrowed 2x3 steel arch.
    2017: 32 taps on buckets, 8 gallons of syrup, on a "loaner" Lapierre 19x48 Mini-Pro loaned by a friend. Makeshift 8x8 sugar shack.
    2018: 80 taps with 3 new neighbors on tubing. New 10x12 sugar shack, Lapierre Jr 2x5 evaporator. Made 17 gallons, Sold around 5 gallons of syrup.
    2019: 100 taps, 60 tapped on Feb 21. Added a small RO.

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    This year in Needham, the best window was:
    March 6 - March 24
    Footnote: Some good days in late Feb/Early March but we also had some days in there w single digits and a couple of major wind storms (gusting 40 MPH)

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