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Thread: Boil my sap on shares?

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    Default Boil my sap on shares?

    What would a reasonable division ratio of the end product syrup be, if my neighbor boiled my sap on his arch, and he has RO? He would provide firewood, filters, electricity, labor, etc, and I would provide my own sap and bottles. Would there have to be some adjustment based on the sugar content of my sap? Would appreciate if anyone has participated in such an arrangement. Thanks. john
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    Most around here do a 50/50 split.

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    My neighbor use to sell me the sap based on the number of gallons and sugar content. His price per gallon never adjusted for the current bulk price. Sometimes he did better and sometimes I did better. We had to keep a log of number of gallons and sugar content for each delivery. Kind of a pain. Now we do a 55/45 split based on the bulk price. He delivers the sap to the sugarhouse and at the end of the season gets 55% of the bulk check. Much easier and fairer.
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    That will depend on the local competition. I did sap on a 50/50 split for a year. Then I decided I needed a better way. I then came up with a sliding scale based on the sugar % of the sap. At 2% I get 60% of the syrup, as the sap sugar % rises I get less and the sap supplier gets more. I will not even take sap that is under 1.2%
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    I do 25% regardless of sugar content, but I will not take sap under 1.5% depending on who it is I will tho. People around here say I am very generous that most only do a pint per gallon so I guess a quart per is good for my area.
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    I have done 50/50 before. Works out OK. Yea I would like 2% if possible.
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    We get sap from a few guys and boil it on our evaporator. In the past we did a 50/50 split but will be changing this year to keep 60%. Our system is that we get their sap and give them back their cut in syrup already filtered and bottled, not cash. This way the bulk price doesn't matter and no one is exchanging money. It's all friends and everyone is small scale, basically making it for their families, so it works well for our setup.
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