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Thread: Tapped in Wood County

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    Default Tapped in Wood County

    Hi to all, The season has started ! I tapped 250 ish on 1/26,27,28 and have completely switched over to 3/16 after 2yrs of trying it out .... it has a made a difference the totals are kind of hard to come up with do to the time of day, mine usually start here about noon and go into the night. Most of the time I will be boiling and RO ing when it runs through the week . So far on the first two runs have made 13 gal almost half of what last years total !!!

    Good Luck this year .. Rockport

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    I did not tap until this weekend, but good runs this week
    2018: 684 taps: 525-3/16" Gr.,159-3/16" Hybrid; Mountain Maple Super Sap Sucker, CDL 600 RO - 131 gal.; retired from WVU in May
    2017: 439 Taps - 3/16" Gravity, Goulds 18GBS15, CDL 2X6 Drop Flue, Wes Fab 7" SB Filter Press, Smokey Lake WJ Bottler - 90 gal.
    2016: 258 Taps - 3/16" Gravity, Honda WX15, NGMP 2X6 Flat Pan, Deer Run 125 RO - 68 gal.
    2015: 20 Taps - Jugs, Turkey Fryer and 2-Burner Stove - 2.5 gal.

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