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Thread: Transferring sap

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    Default Transferring sap

    So I am curious those of you that transfer sap from one holding tank to another using a pump and hose. Are you using expensive potable water hose? or are you using a garden hose because the sap is going to be boiled at such a high temp?
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    You should be using potable water rated hose. This is a must if you plan on selling the finished product.

    If it's just a hobby at the very least a new hose that is clean and hasn't been out in the shed or laying in the dirt for years.

    Check out Amazon you can get a 5/8" 25foot potable rated garden hoses for about 15 bucks.
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    Everyhing we use is food grade, no excuses

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    Two problems with garden hose (and other such materials):

    1. Regrind material -- it could be made from old, recycled tires.
    2. Contamination from other things -- oils, lead, etc.

    In other case....those are not things that can be helped by boiling. In fact, the problems only get concentrated in the process.
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    if your using garden hose then they make a RV water hose that is potable water rated. I believe it's the only one that is white
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    RV hoses aren't all that much money, and work very well for some applications. The only problem I have had with them is sometimes the banding they use to strap the hose together for sale puts a crimp in the hose that is next to impossible to get out. Some brands do, and some don't. If you go to a store that is something you can look for, but ordering online you get what you get.
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    I use 3/4 main line with quick disconnect

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    i use dairy hose to move my sap, i get it from fleet farm you can buy it by the foot, i forget what it is a foot
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    I just ordered some new 1-1/4 I.D. hose for my transfer remote pump. Its for potable water. smooth on the insde and clear.



    I know I should have orderd the 1 inch hose. But my fittings were set up with 1-1/4 som I was being lazy. 1 inch would have been lighter to handle.

    I will try to post some info on how it works.
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    Do not use garden hose, even for home use only syrup. You have choices. Maybe the lowest cost one might be the black poly pipe. Just use a size appropriate for the amount of sap and the pump you are moving. If time matters, 1 size larger than the pump gets far better performance in GPM from the pump. That black poly pipe is for potable water and you can get it in a few different lengths. Pull it tight and let the sun warm it and it straightens out well. Try not to kink it, even after removing the kink it could be a leak. It will be far cheaper than potable water hose, but that can also be used. I have that for my permeate hose from my RO to my permeate tank. Actually, I have 2 lines that I use, one the white hose, directly to the permeate tank and a second one is a short white hose to a pump that feeds my tankless hot water heater and any not used for hot water flows to a 10 gal tank in my ceiling then an overflow runs out of that tank thru 3/4" maple tubing to the permeate tank. When I run the RO I just choose which white hose to connect to the RO.
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