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Thread: Western Mass 2019

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    i wait until after v day to tap anything.. maybe a bit longer depending on the forecast. depending on your operation it maybe be easier or harder to make the right choice.... i like to wait till it looks and feels right to me, even tho it was tee shirt weather in my area for a few days my test taps didn`t do any great so the wait continues.... my reasoning is that there is nothing worse than dealing with frozen releasers and keeping flu pan from freezing in prolonged cold to start with nevermind all the other headaches down the line to get to finished syrup. choose your window wisely , because impatinces can turn into a headache till the weather gets better atleast with sugaring that is . good luck
    2x6 leader WSE with AUF, hood,preheater
    waterguy RO
    leader 16 gal custom water jacketed canner
    10 in short stack wes fab filter press
    540 taps on tubing with vac & always adding
    2- benders running 25" hg from GAST vac pumps
    few stainless bulk tanks
    1978 chevy 1 ton 4x4 dually
    IH T340 dozer with 6-way blade

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    Flowing good today, needed those extra freezing temps where it didn't flow for 3 days. My sugar jumped to 2.5% from 1.4%. Can't wait till I own some actual land with sugar maples on them. Second year sugaring to get the process down till I move. My yards like a small scale experiment testing different methods, tapping times, line sizes, etc. I used 5/16 last year and switched to 3/16 with probably a 3 ft drop total to test the theory that 3/16 shouldn't be used. I sustain 21in on shurflo pump and my output has increased. Even have some taps with looped lines at messed up angles just to see if it would flow good and even those are sucking sap good. Wish I had more trees to do multiple experiments. I'm addicted to the methods of madness as I am to making it.
    2018 -12 taps 8 vacuum 4 gravity/RO = 3 gallons syrup
    2019 - 20 taps upgraded vacuum system/RO = goal 7 gallons

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