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Thread: Syrup/Bottle tracking system

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    Default Syrup/Bottle tracking system

    Looking for idea's on how some folks track and label their syrup bottles. Do you keep track of the barrel number and date you bottled only? I'm going to purchase a pricing/label maker like the grocery stores use and wondering what info needs to be on the bottle to meet requirements? Thanks

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    We label our bottles by the batch and year. Being small, we may do a couple days' of sap collection in one batch then filter and bottle. Then in our journal we track the dates and quantities of sap boiled for each batch. Batch #1 this year will be labeled on the bottles as 119 for batch 1, 2019. The sap may come from one, two or more days of collection which is tracked in our journal. Several ways to do it, I'm not sure what requirements there are. But it is a good idea to track syrup in some way. In case there every was an issue we could isolate it to a batch and not risk losing the entire crop.

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    I have tracked every batch since 2004. Originally I just wrote a batch code non each container, SS barrels and retail. Then as I made more I changed. I now have serial numbers on every label. Each container from SS drums to the retail containers and my grading test bottles get a serial numbered label. I then have a log book in which I log every container. For example, if I pack a SS barrel's syrup into retain my log book might say barrel # 02461 packed into containers with # 03502-03659 for example. All sample bottles get stored for 8 years for every batch.
    I have never had any issues but I just like being what I consider "prepared".
    As I pack batches into SS barrels, each gets a test bottle (sometimes a batch may be packed into 2 barrels, in that case there is 2 serial numbers with just 1 sample/test bottle)
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