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Thread: Another ShurFlo 3/16 design question----Freezing pump concern and 12v

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    I also use the black totes and they warm right up, I drilled a hole in to them and stick the probe outside of the tote on to the shady side of it so the sun doesnt kick it on too early.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HondoLane View Post
    Quick question. I put my temp controller inside my sugar shack. Where should I put the temp probe? The pump is mounted on the shaded side so the probe if mounted outside would not really ever catch the sun until late in the day?

    My sugar shack is not insulated.

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    My setup is very similar to yours. Both of my shurflo pumps are installed inside my sap shack, with the temp probe installed outside on the north side of the building so it is not affected by direct sunlight. Temp controller set to come on at 32* and off at 30*.

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