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Thread: 2019 Missouri Tapping Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye gold View Post
    Now there's a man with his priorities in line. I'm in Ohio instead of Missouri, but I'm all in on turkey season and Saugeye/Walleye fishing for the spring with some mushroom hunting thrown in. I usually hunt 2-3 states, but I've never hunted Missouri.

    Here's a chuckle.....I shot one of my 3/16th laterals last spring shooting a gobbler
    That's funny! I sure don't fish like I used to, but I usually get in a fair amount of mushroom hunting, too, as that conincides perfectly with scouting for youth season. I've got 4 kids that are itching to chase the thunderchickens this year. I also try to hunt at least one other state, but it's hard to get time off as a teacher before seasons end. I will say that our turkey hunting is great here, but my shots are usually into the fields, so I shouldn't have to worry about damaging the maple lines!
    Now I have an outdoor hobby for all 12 months. Like I need anything more to do
    500+ taps on gravity tubing, MicRO2 RO, 2.5 X 8 Leader King, and a 1953 Willys Jeep to run around the maple woods with.

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    Hello Unclejohn, I am just south of 44 at Elm. Although I live in Webster, my trees and evaporater are in the New Melle area. Went to a 4 pan setup this year to increase my evap rate, simple arch but got to around 8-9 gal/hr after the fire gets really hot. Trying to get some pics to post but have a problem getting anything to work. I'll have to keep playing around with this and eventually something will stick.
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    45 taps
    Tubes and buckets
    Block arch and buffet pans

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    Hi Omann I can see the foto of your evaporator, kinda looks like mine. except I use a metal flue instead of square blocks. The old barn in the background is rather attractive in the photo, too. I will private message you on Maple Trader. Im trying to build a network of Missouri syrup producers and would like to get your email or phone number. Maybe there will be a meeting of syrup producers this spring or summer. Thanks. Uncle John
    2019: 205 trees, most smaller than 20" diameter, made 25 gallons
    5/16" plastic spiles, drain into plastic buckets or sapsaks
    haul sap out of woods using atv & trailer
    wood-fired pans on concrete blocks
    one Leader Half Pint 24 x 33" plus 24 x 30 ss pan from a junkyard
    cook batch process then finish in the kitchen;
    we dont sell our syrup; its for family & friends
    see website www.mosyrup.com

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