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Thread: Mid-Late February Start

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    Default Mid-Late February Start

    I was just looking at a long range forecast and if it's the least bit accurate it looks like late February for the main start time for some sap flow in CT
    Several sporadic teaser days between now and then.

    Fingers crossed for a good season!
    12 taps for 2009.
    30+ for 2010.
    30+ for 2011.
    2012- Still holding around 30+ with no help in sight.
    2013-Still a loner but what a Fantastic yielding year
    2014- Forever a loner
    2017-Still here, after trying to kick the habit.
    Down to 15-20 taps with the intent to save my marriage.

    Sap Haulers- Kids NADA, I tried but I'm on my own.
    Buckets and Sap Saks, 4 steam pans, Block Evaporator, and single burner propane for finishing.


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    Um, i take those "teaser days" seriously! hahhahahaahahah

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