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Thread: Tapped Monongalia 2019

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    Default Tapped Monongalia 2019

    Only a crazy person would tap this early. Right?
    I looked at 10 day forecast . I see every day above freezing with some promise of sunshine.

    I tapped one small section today. 14 taps. I had good flow this afternoon. Got to see new releaser check valves in action. I had to coax my old "ebay gast" to get it going but finally got it . Going to start watching for a backup pump.

    Tapping another section tomorrow.. Supposed to see some sun with 45 degrees. 59 On monday.

    Woo! Hooo! Syrup season has started. Hope to have enough to run "RO" soon. Cook this week. : )

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    Good luck. I am still waiting a few week. Really not ready yet

    2018: 684 taps: 525-3/16" Gr.,159-3/16" Hybrid; Mountain Maple Super Sap Sucker, CDL 600 RO - 131 gal.; retired from WVU in May
    2017: 439 Taps - 3/16" Gravity, Goulds 18GBS15, CDL 2X6 Drop Flue, Wes Fab 7" SB Filter Press, Smokey Lake WJ Bottler - 90 gal.
    2016: 258 Taps - 3/16" Gravity, Honda WX15, NGMP 2X6 Flat Pan, Deer Run 125 RO - 68 gal.
    2015: 20 Taps - Jugs, Turkey Fryer and 2-Burner Stove - 2.5 gal.

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