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Thread: 55 Gallon Drums of heating oil

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    I am not exactly sure where you are located but Irving/Circle K in Andover near Belletetes has off road diesel. It’s always about 20cents per gal cheaper than having fuel oil delivered.

    I on on the Warner side of Kearsarge Mountain.


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    I'm a bit late to the party. But to echo what others have said. I've seen plenty of people filling up 55 gal drums at off road diesel pumps. The guy behind me the other day was filling plastic drums. I wouldn't go that way seems like they wouldn't have enough heft to them. I have a transfer tank in my truck that has much thicker walls then a drum
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    Thanks everyone! I was able to get my oil company to come and fill it. Worked out perfectly!
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    Keep it plowed to keep the ground frozen and be sure to get a load of fuel before mud season.
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