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Thread: Next Generation Evaporators-Anybody With Experience With One?

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    Some big factors for pans performing well. 1) The arch design, is it a high efficiency arch, airtight and insulated on the door, air under the fire, grate styled for air. 2) Is it a high output pan, additional flues, maybe a hood. Both companies mentioned here offer these set ups. I personally boil on one of these and it boils at the rate I expect with the pan and arch I have. If you preheat your syrup before it comes into your pan that increases the boiling rate too. Look up which pan it is and you can get these answers.

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    Update on evaporator—- he decided not to go with the Next Generation model. It was a 4.5 hour drive one way,plus wait time at the border,and then paperwork and who knows what else at border on return,plus fees,and exchange. Closer dealers would not offer same package to him. A big shout out to Leader Evaporator for coming through,they are giving him a 2x4 evaporator with supreme pan,so he has a little crimp area,at a highly discounted price,and our local Leader dealer,Zoeller Maple is taking some off of the price,and I am personally backing him on the rest,which he will pay me back as he is able. He is a very respectful,hardworking kid,which is very very rare these days,actually shows me more respect than my two sons combined.
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    Great to hear. It’s to be able to help someone out to get started in a great hobby/ business
    Sugaring for 45+ years
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    New to Me Algier 2'x8' wood fired evaporator
    225 Sugar Maples Currently,(105 on 3/16" and 110 on Shurflo 4008 vacuum, 10 gravity), (16,000 before being disabled)
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    Wow Bruce, that's deserves a "shout-out" to you for your kindness and generosity. That kid will never forget what you've done and it's inspirational to the rest of us!
    John Allin

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    I got started in1993 with ten taps I burrowed from my shop teacher. here I am today still at it.
    And I try to help everyone I can for the simple fact that someone did it for me once .
    25 years sugaring
    2018 191taps. Made 80 gallons
    Two taps to a 5 gallon bucket roadside trees.
    A retired dad to hump buckets and do most of the boiling the great wife that let's me spend lots of time and money.
    New Smokey lake 2×6 raised flue SSR on my own version of the silverplate arch.
    2019 new hood and new preheater concept that worked great.
    306 taps roadside trees

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