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Thread: Professional Foresters Insurance Coverage

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    Default Professional Foresters Insurance Coverage

    What insurance should professional foresters have to protect a land owner from timber harvesting encroachment onto an adjoining landowner's property? I.E. If a forester incorrectly defines a harvesting boundary and the logger takes timber from another's property. Errors & Omissions insurance?
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    Ask your insurance agent.
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    If your forester doesn't know how to establish boundaries I would fear what my woods would look like. That is a basic skill they better know. Any forester worth their salt establishes boundaries before he marks a single tree. That may be by walking with the owner and verifying by deed and auditor's maps or by survey plats. Other than that basic business liability I would think or a bond. The logger bears final responsibility. All of them I have worked with ( at least responsible ones and honest ) talk to adjoining landowners or verify lines before they cut.

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    i carry an e&o portion to my general liability. i also require a written contract with my client landowner, in which the client bears responsibility for providing maps of the boundary and/or showing me the location in the field. i also require a written contract between the client and the logger.

    there’s more to it in the specific language, but that covers the basic idea.

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