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Thread: Shurflo setups - mainline or manifold?

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    I have roughly the same number of taps with similar mix of 3/16 and 5/16 as you.

    All my laterals run downhill (about 12 of them) into a 3/4” mainline that takes a more gentle slope to the collection spot. I actually have 2 mainlines that join just before the pump.

    Manifold or mainline? Mainline is just a super-long manifold. If it is much cheaper to run thicker tube than multiple smaller tubes, then that is one factor and depends on your terrain. You already have money in your black 1”, right? You may gain vacuum with longer 3/16 runs, so that would be the counter-push towards a manifold solution. I run 2 of my 3/16 laterals parallel with the mainline for a good stretch to maximize vac on those.

    I use the blue barbed Y-connectors (6 inlets) instead of saddles. They are great for never leaking but ice collects and packs at these junctures and adds to the thaw-out time.

    If you go mainline, you want 3/4 or 1”, I think. You want air over sap the whole length, right into the pump. You want your pump chugging through air and sap simultaneously. This technique allows evacuation of air and prevents the pump from stalling on air pockets (a wet diaphragm will pull 28” and only 12” when dry).

    I have not used a manifold, so I cannot directly compare differences in operation. I do know that I keep high vacuum the whole season and last year I bottled 77 gallons of syrup from 115 taps (a very high ratio). Those numbers even make me worry if I am pulling too much sugars out of the forest, but the trees seem healthy and I’ve been running like this for 6 years.

    I wonder with those using a manifold solution, if there are issues with the manifold cracking (plastic pvc or metal) when sap freezes in them. I know my mainline backs-up frozen about 30 feet into the freeze but the tube can expand and not crack.
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    I would put the inline fuse close to the battery positive terminal. That way you are protected if anything accidently shorts.


    Quote Originally Posted by steve J View Post
    Thanks Dave one more question I saw where it was suggested a 10 amp in line fuse be installed. should that go on line between temp gauge and pump? or on line from battery to temp gauge?
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    Harbor freight sells fairly small battery maintainers. Does anyone know rather they would work with a shuffling set up? I was going to use small charger that had a maintain mode but it seems a bit large for my tote.
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