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Thread: What freezes first in a tubing system

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    Default What freezes first in a tubing system

    To go along with the thread about tapping below the mainline I wonder what freezes up first. The tree,tap,drop line, lateral, mainline,sap ladder or releaser? The vacuum has ban effect going both ways when the system starts to slush up and then freeze. I believe when temps start to drop that areas of you system that have air mixing with the sap will freeze up first. I first start to see slush forming where the sap/gas start to mix and splatter into the vacuum chamber on my double Bernards.

    Harking back to my VW dune buggy days with an open engine I would have icing problems with the carb. Not the fuel tank or fuel line but the carb from the cooling effect of the Venturi So would it be safe to say that any place air and sap mix will freeze first. Then if its my releaser area then my vacuum is going to quit in the outer mainlines first...........right. So if the tree is the last to freeze then they will win the vacuum battle right? Now i will admit I haven't put sensors on all the components of the entire system to see the progression.

    With my remote sensing and being my first year with it I did watch my end on line vacuum sensor as the indicator when I should shut my pump off. Maybe I should put a remote temperature sensor into the tree of the end line tree. I also know that the woods has to be treated as an AVERAGE of all things because of all the different condition. west side, east side. dang south side, sun, shade, wind direction. attitude, mainline length, tree size, slope, moisture of the soil, tap height, snow depth, type of tap. HOLLY MOLLY how do we do it.

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    the tree is definitely the last thing to freeze. my experience is the 5/16 or 3/16 laterals behind the tree(dark side)freeze first.
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    laterals freeze first unless you have an air leak in the system then its wherever air is being introduced to the system...
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    Vacuum leaks freeze first and the trees freeze last. If there aren't any leaks then the lateral lines freeze from the mainline out toward the trees.

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