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Thread: Easy pan cleaning ...

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    Default Easy pan cleaning ...

    So I had heard about the old school way of cleaning the pans at the end of a season and through sheer laziness did it this season. I finished my last boil, and then filled the pans with sap and added some vinegar. Then I left it... until yesterday. It was nasty looking, but I filled the pan to top, then drained and rinsed it. Amazing, the pan looks new. Only a small amount of residue stayed on the sides of the channels. Everything else was spotless. The old school method is now my preferred method !
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    Interesting. Did it stink up the place?

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    You don't even need to add the vinegar. The sap will make it's own vinegar. I think generally those using that method only let it set 8-10 weeks, not 6 months.
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