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Thread: FDA Registration and a few other agencies.

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    Default FDA Registration and a few other agencies.

    So they want us to register with the FDA OK that fine BUT turns out that the FDA will be sharing the information with the IRS and Department of labor. Now I don't worry when helicopters fly over my house and I threw all my tin foil hats out years ago. BUT when I see how complicated the form the state sends me for being a licensed maple producer it makes my head spin. I know I know its information that they need to have to make my life easier.

    I can only imagine how this little document is going to read. OK now let me see where did I put those receipts from 1987???
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    I am getting out of the bulk syrup thing so I dont have to deal with that crap.
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    I've been flying under the radar for years. As far as the IRS is concerned it's a hobby, not a business. I didn't and won't register with the FDA. If I can't find a buyer for my bulk syrup I'll just have to put more effort into selling it retail.

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