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Thread: Stolen bulk tank, andover, n.h.

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    Default Stolen bulk tank, andover, n.h.

    Rectangular open top, 600 gal, roughly 8 feet by 4 feet by 3 feet, all stainless, very heavy bulk tank. Has a 2 inch drain with stainless fittings welded into it. Tank was taken from putney road in andover n.h. witness said 2 guys with pickup and flatbed with winch got it...im looking for pics of the tank now...$100 reward for info leading to me finding who got my tank (even if i dont get the tank back, allready scraped or whatever).....
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    That sucks Parker. We used to loose buckets and small tanks on the roadside to scumbags.
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    Wow Parker, That's horrible. I hope you find who did it!
    I guess I'm somewhat lucky, I only have 1 tank near a road and it is 50' off the road and 5.5' down in an old cellar hole. My other tanks are all over 400' off the road at the sugarhouse.
    Sorry to hear that you were a victim Parker.
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    Had the same thing happen about 10 years ago when someone made off with a 300 round Vacuum tank and a few open top ones. That was back when scrap SS was sky high. I paid $250.00 for it and at the time we figured they got about $1500.00 for everything. I called every scrap dealer in Green Bay and they said that by the time they come thru their gates they couldn't tell you what it was. I feel your pain and desperation knowing people will treat your stuff with such low regard.

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    I will keep an eye out in the Canaan, NH area. If you get a description of the truck and a photo of the tank I will pass the word on to others in the circle.

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    You had a pump and releaser stolen several years ago. As I recall, figured out who did that. Good luck with this one.
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