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Thread: September Journal

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    Default September Journal

    It looks like everyone is either too busy working in the woods or is taking time off from maple to start a September Journal!?!?

    It feels like every year we plan our weekend to cut and split evaporator wood on the hottest weekend in recorded history! We managed to grunt our way through 2 days of drenching sweat and get 10 chord of evaporator wood ready for next spring. We still have another 3 chord left to get done so all the pallets are full but we have the lion's share of it finished. Once that is done we can get into the woods and start working on tubing.
    4,600 Taps on vacuum
    9,400 gallons storage
    2x600 GPH CDL RO
    3.5'x14' Lapierre Force 5
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    Adding some storage on the back of the shack this summer.
    2013 25 taps 2.5 gallons
    2014 60 taps 9.5 gallons
    2015 12 x 16 sugar shack 200 taps 1500' 5/16 lines gravity. Home made arch, 2 x 3 pan and 18" x 24" steam pan.
    2016 2 x 5 Smokey Lake hybrid pan. Custom steam hood and float box. Number of taps yet to be determined.
    2017 Made 27 gallons. Added 60 taps on 3/16 lines.
    2018 Adding more 3/16 lines. Made 55 gallons
    2019 Added 4 totes for sap storage. Big shack upgrades.

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    Ran all the mainline wire for my expansion. Adding 4-500.
    2016- 50 buckets. Made 4 gallons
    2017- 100 buckets, 50 taps on 3/4 mainline and 3/16th tubing + shurflo vacuum. Made 30 gallons.
    2018- 1000 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, 60 buckets - made 378 gallons of syrup.
    2019- 1713 taps on 3/16 + vacuum, NO buckets. Made 500 gallons.

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    We have been getting ready for a tap expansion. We had the clear some brush and fence off the area first. We got our new piggy back installed Saturday night. We still have to plumb it having installed is a major accomplishment. We got a new 3,800 gallon tank we have to get into place. We hope to be tubing the new woods within a week. Sales have been pretty steady as well.

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    I've been working on getting things fixed in the sugar house. I got my new arch early last winter and the refractory cement didn't cure right because it was too cold. I rebricked it this summer and I'll be putting the pans back onto it tomorrow. I've got most of my sugar wood cut and when the evaporator pans are out of the woodshed I'll be able to start putting it in.

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    About a dozen chainsaws and no chickens

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    Running behind this summer on getting my wood done. Been working on getting it split up.
    Sugaring for 45+ years
    New Sugarhouse 14'x32'
    New to Me Algier 2'x8' wood fired evaporator
    225 Sugar Maples Currently,(105 on 3/16" and 110 on Shurflo 4008 vacuum, 10 gravity), (16,000 before being disabled)
    1947 Farmall H and Wagon with gathering tank
    2012 Kubota with forks to move wood around

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    New electric releaser should be wired and plumbed in a day or two. I need to walk my wet/dry lines and add some wire ties. Bow season starts the 6th so everything needs to be done before that. Right after bow season I will make one pass through the woods making sure all lines are off the ground. Also i will cut all trees off lines if needed. I'm in my woods a lot during rifle and muzzleloader season so if any additional trees have fallen on lines I will get them then.


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    Finally got going on the new garage.
    We started the process back in March.
    It’s been 3 weeks since we broke ground and to date only the foundation has been poured.

    They managed to rip out about 10 feet of the sump pump discharge line.
    We’re all clay here and don’t perk, so the line was run to an engineered septic field.
    Not much hope of splicing the line back together so they’re looking at other options.

    Getting anxious for them to pour the slab for the garage as I want to epoxy coat it.
    Slab needs 30 days to cure and it has to be still warm enough for the epoxy.
    Timing is getting tight, being mid Sept already.

    Not really happy with the slow progress but it does have its blessings.
    Everything we wanted done has been well documented and was included in the quote, yet we’ve headed off 3 large mistakes they were about to make.
    Gotta watch ‘em like a hawk.

    On the plus side though, this coming weekend is the annual fall tour for Michigan.
    We’re going to break away for a few days and spend Saturday checking out other producers.
    Hoping to get some telescope time in Friday/Saturday night on a nice dark site that side of the state, weather permitting of course.
    Skipping the farmers market on Sunday so we can mosey back at our leisure.

    Day 4 North.jpg
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    42.67N 84.02W

    350 taps- 300 on vacuum, 50 buckets
    JD gator 625i Sap hauler w/65 gal tank
    Leader 2X6 drop flue

    Homemade auto draw-off
    Homemade preheater
    Homebrew RO, 2- xle-4040's
    LaPierre double vertical releaser
    Kinney KC-8 vacuum pump

    12X24 shack
    Lots of chickens and a few cats.

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    I have had a lot of damage to my lines this summer. I have three totally on the ground and broke and all others need tightening and limbs removed. I will have to totally re-route one line because of blow downs. I have 5 down trees to cut up off lines and roads yet. All my wood has been cut for at least 6 months, but I am still cutting ahead for next year or even the following year. I am going to add a new line this year and maybe switch to the anti-bacterial spiles. I will probably wait until November to do most of the line work. For September I might move my sugaring wood to the shack....it's in the back field now. So September is slow for me.

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    Getting ready to install a digital temp probe in my stack. Just need to get a box to put the controller in.
    I have a big pile of wood to split yet. But... I had 2 neck vertebrae fused on August 29th. I'm not allowed to do anything yet,
    including driving. However, I can set and drink coffee and go for walks,so all is not lost!!!!!
    I should be able to pick up a rifle til deer season rolls around. Bow season, out of the question this year.
    Hoping to be in good shape come sugar season!
    90 taps on vacuum
    155 taps on 5/16 gravity
    105 taps on 3/16 gravity
    about 45 buckets
    neighbor bringing from 45 taps


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