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Thread: Electric Releaser

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    Living with 2 mechanical releasers out in the weather going thru freeze and thaw cycles every day for the season over a 14 seasons has been a challenge. Now with remote sensing I can see when it fails due to a simple chunk of ice the size of an ice cube. Any kind of heat will be well worth the investment. If you could get your mother-in-law to spoon with it at night would help with production.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hogisland42 View Post
    I agree with Dr Tim. There is always some left in the bottom and during long freeze ups and the sap gets nasty from the warmth of the heater. I have a quick connect on mine so I can pump it out on ground after sap starts running again to clean it out.
    Thanks for the info everyone. My releaser has a drain on the bottom so all liquid should drain out. As Dr. Tim said there still will be some sap inside the pump itself so heat will be needed. You also mentioned the quick connect fitting. I assume thats right after the check valve where the sap is pumped out of the releaser. That would still leave a little sap in the check valve itself. I wish that had a drain. The check valve and the pump seem to be the two problem areas that need heat. Is this right? Thanks.


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