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Thread: Re-Starting a Family Tradition

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    Default Re-Starting a Family Tradition

    Hi everyone! First post, but I have been stalki--uh--studying this forum for a while.

    My brother and I are starting into sugaring next season. It was once a family tradition but has been idle now for many decades. My great grandpa was the last to make it.

    Our ultimate goal is to bring his woods back to its former glory. I live on his farm now, and am the seventh generation to do so. To start, we are running about 40 or 50 taps at our dad's place across town. I will post the start of our operation in another thread.

    But I wanted to share a photo of my great grandpa in front of his sugarhouse, with his team of horses. The little girl on the sled, to the far left, is my great aunt. She still owns the farm, lives next door, and just turned 95.

    Looking forward to getting to know you guys.

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    Love those old pictures. What a great way to honor your ancestors by starting a sugarbush back up. Best of luck and ask all the questions you have. Welcome to the forum. Marc

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    Welcome to Mapletrader! And what a beautifal picture! My cousin just gave me a picture of our grandmother and great grandfather
    who lost his arm in the Civil War. They are standing in a big field of rasberries. It was probably taken in 1915. I told her, "I will find
    out where it was taken" Great to be able to resurrect an old sugar bush with such history.
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    Welcome aboard, ask away, best of luck. have fun. And I love the picture, I have one hanging in my sugarhouse of my grandfather , father, 2 uncles with the team dumping sap.
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    You have it in your blood, nice picture. Welcome aboard!
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    Default Re-Starting a Family Tradition

    Thats a picture to get a copy of and post in the sugar house for sure. I love the old horse drawn sledge and tank pictures

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