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Thread: Cleaning Back Side of Wood Fired Pans

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    I was looking for experience using Walnut shells in a blaster or similar material to clean up the pans. I was not looking for criticism on wether my fire is burning correctly or how you never clean your pans. I specifically said I was not looking to try Oven Cleaner again. It makes me wonder if some of you actually read the original questions asked in these posts.
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    Sorry, BAP. No disrespect intended, just some hot (now cold) stove talk about how people deal with the undersides of their flues. It's a slow time on the Trader.

    I don't have any experience with walnut casings, but the upside to people chiming in is it gives the thread a bump, so eventually someone who has tried walnut casings will see the topic.

    And, Haynes' stories always make me laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BAP View Post
    Did the plastic beads leave any marks?
    No,,, really didn't get all of the carbon off. Left a slight black tinge of carbon. Now I had made a power scrubber by tying,,,, sewing,,, green Scotch Brite pads to a limber piece of wood,,, about like a yard stick and and almost as long and then taped to a saw-all blade and used saw-all. Have to have a limber stick so not to get too rough on thin metal Works good in between flues. I have drop flues so probably not going to work very well on raised flues back in ends of flues
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