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Thread: Re-purposing old syrup bottles.

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    Default Re-purposing old syrup bottles.

    Each year, we have a few customers return their empty bottles to us for recycling. Since we do not re-fill used bottles, we came up with this instead. Some copper plumbing fittings, copper paint, a fiberglass wick, and some citronella oil. Our spin on the tiki torch.

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    Those look awesome, I may have to borrow that idea as I only have a few outlets to play with for lighting.
    Wonder if you could add coloring to make it look like you are burning syrup for fuel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinzibuckwud View Post
    ....Wonder if you could add coloring to make it look like you are burning syrup for fuel.
    Hehe that would be priceless! Great way to repurpose bottles :-)
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