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Thread: Using Unfiltered Syrup for Confections

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    If you are talking about just 2-3 cups of syrup that are cloudy after filtering, I think that should be OK to use, but that's just my opinion.
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    I use the rinse-off from my pans and equipment, filtered while thin, re-boil it, and make good maple coated nuts. Last batch, I needed more, so I cooked up syrup from two bottles that had been filter pressed. I noticed that the cook time was much less, since the frothing at temperature was less. I am thinking it is similar to the foam in the evaporator- worse if you have more niter, good to skim it off. Any way, the nuts are good regardless. For candy, it may affect color if there is a lot.

    I normally refuse to use defoamer- but next batch of nuts, I may add a few drops of good oil.
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    Maple sugar sand/niter/scale is primarily malic acid (same compound that produces the "tartness" in apples), other organic acids, and mineral/metal salts. For the most part it isn't a problem, but there are three factors to consider.

    1. If you have any lead soldered/older (pre-1997) galvanized equipment, lead is concentrated in sugar sand.
    2. Sugar sand is largely indigestible, so it doesn't take much to cause stomach upset and diarrhea.
    3. It often doesn't taste particularly good, and can impart syrup (or other products) with an off-flavor.

    If you want more info on the chemical make-up, see http://www.uvm.edu/~pmrc/scale.pdf
    Dr. Tim Perkins
    UVM Proctor Maple Research Ctr

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