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Thread: Small Scale RO

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    Default Small Scale RO

    I thought that there were small scale RO's being built by a producer around Essex, VT not sure if it was mentioned on this site, can't seem to find it, or possibly on Craigslist. We have around 150 taps and no heated room, we are thinking it might be time to look into options.
    2008 12 Taps & Turkey Fryer
    2009 20 Taps Block Arch
    2010 27 Taps Barrel Stove Arch with 18" x 22" pan
    2011 37 Taps Barrel Stove w/ Shack Envy
    2012 39 Taps Barrel Stove
    2013 42 Taps Barrel Stove still in driveway
    2014 62 Taps Same old barrel stove and pan with Sis & Brother-n-law adding taps

    With Papa boiling during the day it has become a family operation

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    I am not sure about anyone in the vermont area, but I have seen a 5 gallon bucket setup before, is that what you are referring to?

    i built a setup similar to http://mapletrader.com/community/sho...Scale-RO-Build

    i ran it this past year, and I am in love with it. i usually collect sap all week long, and then fire the pump up friday morning before i head into work, it does take quite some time to process it through the small setups, but the time and fuel saved it is well worth it. if you have any questions, i am willing to help as much as I can.

    this may be the one you are looking for http://www.therobucket.com/Wordpress/

    either way, get one, they work very well, saves tons of time cooking.

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    There is one being built in the Peru NY area bigger than the bucket does about 100 gal per hour.
    110 taps W.F Mason 2x3 and two turkey friers for finishing

    2011 expanding to a Mason 2x4 with a blower increasing taps to about 200
    2011 Hurricane Irene rips thru my small sugar bush cost me to lose 20% of taps
    2014 I have reworked my lines for 2014
    32 taps on 5/16 line with check valves
    57 taps on 3/16 line with check valves
    55 buckets with total tapped trees of 144

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    Also check out Deer Run Maple. They make a hobby 125gph dolly unit for a great price.
    2019 - 150 taps 3/16 shurflo, Deer Run 125 dolly RO - 73 gallons
    2018 - 120 taps 3/16 hybrid (shurflo), 2x6 raised flue w/hood, homemade arch w/ AUF & AOF - 34.5 gallons
    2017 - 60 taps 3/16 gravity, oil tank arck w/ steam pans - 12.5 gallons

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    Here you go:

    Paul Family Maple
    Essex VT

    Hes on Craigslist. Im also pursuing this, with 85 Taps currently going to 110 this Coming season. Helpful people there, Im considering the single membrane unit for $1,995. Interested in what others here think of the price and any feedback on the company. A friend of mine with 3x the taps spent $6k on his RO, so it seems to be in the right range.

    Still a newbie after 3 seasons.
    2016: 20 taps on buckets, 4 gallons made on a borrowed 2x3 steel arch.
    2017: 32 taps on buckets, 8 gallons of syrup, on a "loaner" Lapierre 19x48 Mini-Pro loaned by a friend. Makeshift 8x8 sugar shack.
    2018: 80 taps with 3 new neighbors on tubing. New 10x12 sugar shack, Lapierre Jr 2x5 evaporator. Made 17 gallons, Sold around 5 gallons of syrup.
    2019: 100 taps, 60 tapped on Feb 21. Added a small RO.

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    CDL has a 100/hr for $2150 comes with a 2 year warranty and 4" membrane
    Fred Ahrens
    Richards Maple Products
    Ohio CDL sales rep
    1500 taps

    dont take life too serious, nobody gets out alive anyways

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    Default Small Scale RO

    I just had a guy in Glenn Falls NY build me a 35-40gph unit. We are just a small operation so it should work perfect for us. It uses a 4inch x 40 inch membrane.
    10x16 Sugarhouse
    18x60 CDL Drop flue Evaporator
    100 Taps on gravity

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