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Thread: Going way over draw temp

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    When I had a 2x6 boiling around 16% I would get a big draw at first and then could usually run a small pencil sized stream. But I always ran a second thermometer probe where the syrup entered the front pan. This lets you know what is on the way and you can adjust your draw valve to compensate.
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    Great information and it is enlightening to see that at times I was making the wrong assumptions and working off bad information. Waim I had a dial thermometer in my center pan first channel and I treated it more like a novelty and didn't take the time to calibrate it and use the information. Then as I concentrated higher and saw the dark color in the transfer float box i knew why I was having control problems.

    Then when I tried to compensate that is when the real problems started. I started to overcompensate and started a SEE SAW effect I would over draw and then that would lead to over cooking. Then I would do a panic draw off and an emergency shut down followed by a holding down of the float. Now my flue pan has never given me any problems as far as being able to supply enough sweet to the finish pans.

    The depth of my finish pan when under a full boil running 18% is a very angry animal. In the area over the transition the sweet is up almost over the dividers cascading down to the area by the flue stack at a depth that just washes over the tops of the flue. At times I can see the tops of the dividers steam dry in a micro second. I have never had what I would call the traditional boil in my flue pan. I have seen pans with a nice even level of sap boiling way all nice and even like a pond during a rain storm.

    I hesitate to change it because things work well now but maybe for fun I should run the pan with about 4" sap over the flues and see what happens.
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