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Thread: Cleaning 275 gal totes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    Anybody ever install one of them covers on them plastic tanks,that are made for hauling water in the back of a pickup?They have such little covers,one mounted in center would be nice.
    I've only mounted them on my cage tanks. I don't see why they wouldn't work on a pick-up tank if there was a place large enough to cut it in.

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    Lets talk about hydraulics having a small hole/lid on a moving tank is designed to keep the lid from giving way under pressures. Plus because most tanks are one way and drain from the bottom once in its life span. Now you cut in a lid that is 4 times bigger than original and not as well made or designed for the pressures you can have problems. The tops are not all designed for a 16-24" man way so pick and chose wisely.

    If the tank is a stationary one don't worry about it.
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    As long as you still have the supports in place I can't see why it would matter.

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    I use the pail method in both cage tanks and a truck tank and it works pretty good.
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