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Thread: Vermont maple equipment dealer open houses

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    Default Vermont maple equipment dealer open houses

    I put together a list of Open Houses at Vermont Maple Equipment Dealers this Friday/Saturday (April 27-28) for my staff and thought I'd share it here. Hope to see you around.

    Lapierre https://lapierreopenhouse.com/
    Perkins 10-11am HyperBrix and Research Update
    Goulet 11am-12pm Evaporator and 25+ Brix RO
    Goulet/Lapierre 12-1pm Datacer (Vacuum monitoring system)

    H2O Innovations http://h2oinnovation.net/wp-content/...anton18_v1.jpg
    Goodrich 10-11am High Brix
    Fortier 11am-12pm Smartrek
    Perkins 1-2pm Research Update
    Lothian 2-3pm Membrane Washing at End of Season

    Leader Evaporator https://www.leaderevaporator.com/pdf...8_schedule.pdf
    Shaver 9-10:30am Maple Confections
    Gillilan 10-11:30am Boiling 101
    Gillilan 12:30-1:30pm Finishing, Filtering, Canning

    Dominion & Grimm (new location, 90 Parah Dr., St. Albans) http://www.dominiongrimm.ca/en/events
    van den Berg 10-10:45am Research Update
    Wilmot 11:15am-12:00pm High Vacuum with 3/16”
    Pepin 1:30-2:15pm Monitoring Systems
    Desilets 2:45-3:30pm History of D&G

    CDL http://www.cdlusa.com/evenements/cdl...lbans-vermont/
    Woods/Atherton 10-11am CDL Monitoring 2.0
    Daniels 11am-12pm 3/16” Tubing Installation
    van den Berg 1-2pm High Brix Impacts on Flavor and Quality
    Atherton/Parker 2-3pm Boiling high brix on a Master Evaporator

    Memprotec https://www.facebook.com/memprotec/p...type=3&theater

    DSD Stars DSD STARS - Maple tapping equipment

    Maple Expert Solutions https://www.mapleexperts.com/
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