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Thread: Anyone know how to add an Aux gas tank to vacuum pump??

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    Question Anyone know how to add an Aux gas tank to vacuum pump??

    We have a Gast vacuum pump with a predator engine. What would be the quickest and cheapest way to make an aux tank so we only have to fuel once everyday or two? Thanks in advance!

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    find an old generator 5-6 gal gas tank and hook it up in place of the existing gas tank
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    Get an outboard motor gas tank.

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    We had a generator that had to be run in the woods for 2 days without filling it. We built a stand and put a 35 gallon plastic barrel on its side, reduced the small bung to accept a fitting for 5/16 fuel line and simply used a flexible funnel to fill the barrel through the 2" bung. We put in 15 to 20 gallons, and the head pressure wasn't enough to mess with the float in the carburetor.

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    You must keep the tank higher than the carburetor and feed off the bottom of the tank. I learned the hard way that the motor wont stay running if you try and wont siphon out the top of auxiliary gas tanks. If you make one make sure its vented.

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    I use these http://www.surpluscenter.com/Engines...-28-1836-R.axd
    and I build a wooden rack beside the engine. I remove the original tank and run a new fuel line from this tank to the engine. On a larger engine I make the rack to hold 2 tanks with both at the same level, about 6-8" above the carb. If you need larger than 9 gal, do similar with a bigger gas safe tank.
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    I use a 15 gallon plastic tank that most farmers have laying around. Buy a metal valve stem the type with a threaded nut on it. Pull out the valve core and drill a hole just big enough to slide it through at the bottom of the jug .Once its in the hole the rubber seals it real tight once the nuts tightened.
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    We use the tank that Maple Flats shared the link for. We have two pumps Set up like this with the tank on a frame above the 79cc predator engine and feed directly into the carb. We get 30 plus hours on a tank depending on engine speed.
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