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Thread: Anyone in NJ area interested in getting together after the season is over

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    Default Anyone in NJ area interested in getting together after the season is over

    This forum has been great for learning and sharing experience, info, etc.

    Wondering if there are folks out there who would be interested in meeting for breakfast, pizza or something like that just to meet each other, share info, bragging about the size of their equipment etc. I know there are a few folks here around me who would be interested.

    Us NJ folks don't have the embedded support network like some of our northern brothers and sisters.

    We would have to find a more or less central location and would do it after everyone has had the chance to rest up from the season...


    All red maples:
    2013/4 - A few taps and propane burner
    2015 - 54 taps on bags and buckets, 2x3 Mason evaporator - 3.5 gallons syrup finished and bottled
    2016 - 72 taps on home-built vacuum/mainline system, home built RO (2 - 2.5 x 21 membranes) - 9+ gallons syrup finished and bottled
    2017 - 91 taps on home built vacuum system in heated sap shack, home built RO (40 inch membrane), 13 gallons syrup, dreaming of building sugarshack this year...
    2022 - Back after hiatus!

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    Sure and we all bring our syrup for French Toast,Pancakes etc!
    2021 95 taps all on 3/16' natural gravity 2018 home built 4x40 RO 2017 1000 sap 15gal syrup 4 runs of 3/16 natural vac 1 of 5/16 2016 775gal of sap made 12gal syrup 2015 18.5 gal about 55 taps. Have the best wife! cub cadet volunteer 4x4 sap hauler

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    I’d gladly meet up with everyone here! Just let me know time and place.

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