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Thread: Why a Copula?

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    Default Why a Copula?

    Sugar house.
    Why are they not just slanted up in one direction with input on the low side and output on the high side? You know 6' wall on one side and 8' wall on the other?

    Just curious.

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    2016. Not a good year with the mild weather winter.

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    My Copula is non traditional. Mine has 2 doors that hinge from the bottom and are 48 "X 96" and open so the doors are level

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    That is a very good question, And a great idea to test out. The only thing I could think of would be wind ? My cupola is 8' long with two 20" doors on each side. Depending on how windy it is or the direction, I can adjust the doors differently to help counteract the strong winds. If the cupola was pitched higher in only one direction it may not work so well with strong winds. Just a thought.
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